Jul 29, 2010

To Share and Grant Wishes

A wish is a hope or desire for something. Have you any wish that you really want to make it comes true; but you aren’t capable to bring it into reality? It can be said that you face obstacles in achieving your wish. It’s not only about your personal wish; perhaps you have wishes for your family and friends, and for other matters. Have you ever thought to share the wish with others?

I invite you to visit
Tree of Wishes; as you can post your wish there. It’s like hanging your wishes on a real tree of wishes; then you can hope that one day your dreams will be come true.

At Tree of Wishes, you can find different wishes from people. As an example for you, there’s one wish from a daughter to her mother that I’ve ever read:

“….Our goal is to fly her out to Guatemala and give her a birthday with her whole family and parents and try to make up for what she missed all this years. It’s the least we can do for someone who gave us all she could. Please help me touch her heart with a celebration to her struggles, accomplishments and the love we all share!”

Does her wish touch your deepest heart? Well, let’s talk in different side now. Let’s say that you’re included people that have capability and big concern in helping other people. You believe that helping people is the best way to succeed in life. For you, helping other people can make you happy and you will feel that you’re living in a valuable life that has meaning and purpose.

When helping people, you should consider focusing on what the needs. Fulfilling someone’s needs is like helping other to grant the wish. Your help will become very valuable! That’s why Tree of Wishes is created. The website will allow people to share their wishes and let other people to grant the wishes.

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Tembang Lawas July 31, 2010  

Nice Post mBak, Selamat Berakhir Pekan salam dari Tembang Lawas

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