Jul 12, 2010

Yesterday Night and a Little Surprise

Yeah, yesterday night was the final football match night. I was surprised when my father said that he wanted to go with us – watching the football match outside. We left home rather late, so, it turned out that most of places were too full. We didn’t get a seat there.

Fortunately –at last- after visiting about three places; we found a place that still had one empty table and seats for us! The restaurant was already full of people, and we’re so lucky to be able to have the last table.
Everything was going well, Spain is the first winner. Despite of the controversial decisions of the referee to the Netherlands team, I guess the Spain team deserved to be the world champion this time.

When we arrived home at about 4.30 am; someone called my husband. It’s good news! My husband won a doorprize gift- a restaurant voucher. We’ll use the voucher at July 14th, to celebrate our wedding anniversary…

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