Jul 25, 2010

Bitter Gourd Flower (Momordica charantia)

Bitter gourd flowers are yellow, and its bitter fruit is edible. Do you like it? (I do). Bitter gourd is a creeping plant, native to tropical Africa, however today can be found in all tropical regions of the world.

The fruits are four-sided figure with a light green to greenish-white, waxy skin. In some countries, included my country, Indonesia, the fruit is cooked and eaten. The fruit is edible when harvested green and cooked. The taste is bitter. It has twice the potassium of bananas and is also rich in vitamin A and C. Used to cleanse the blood, decrease blood sugar levels and to fight gastrointestinal problems. Source:

Bitter gourd can grow well here. My father plants it in our front yard. A few days ago, some flowers were blooming. I share here this vegetable flower for
Today's Flowers. Have a great week ahead…

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Anonymous July 26, 2010  

Well, don't believe I have ever eaten bitter gourds. But I do like the flower and picture.
- Cheers from Canada.

Judy July 26, 2010  

That might be called bitter melon here. A woman at work has explained to me how to cook it, but I was not really paying attention. I have enough trouble getting husband to eat the veggies he can identify...
I like the flower, though! I can imagine having a yard full of these vines, and the pretty yellow flowers!!

MinnieRunner July 26, 2010  

Nice capture Lina! I am really not into bitter food, so I guess I won't like it ;)

Unknown July 26, 2010  

i didn't know bitter gourds have flowers.:p beautiful shot.

eden July 26, 2010  

yep, i know this plant and I even plant them in my garden every summer. Love to eat it, fry with egg.

Unknown July 26, 2010  

pemandangan yang indah ya mbak?
suka liatnya

BOI July 27, 2010  

hmmm..... i dont know anithing about flower....

fini July 29, 2010  

Bitter gourd grows well here in Malaysia as well :) We called it "Peria". I never liked it though :D

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