Jun 7, 2011

Traveling While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a time full of questions. Questions from others flow thick and fast: 'Do you know the sex?', or 'How far along are you?', or 'Have you thought of any names?' Yet the most insistent questioning comes not from without, but from within. The questions we have in our minds and on our lips during these months are as varied as they are constant. 'Should I eat this?' or 'Where can I find fashionable maternity wear?' or 'Can I do this?' make up an ongoing stream for the new or expectant mother.

Many of the questions centre around whether or not we can partake in the activities we would usually not give a second thought to, and one of the most common questions is around where, how far, and for how long we can travel. We've created a few pieces of advice to help you with the question of travel, and the good news is that with a bit of preparation and a few changes to the way you might usually do things, there's not reason why you should have to stay at home!

Flying When Pregnant

This is a common question asked by pregnant women. Many worry about how the altitude, distance, pressure and other factors on planes will affect them. The truth is, that if you have a healthy, normal pregnancy and have been cleared by your doctor to fly, it should be fine. It is ALWAYS essential to check these things with a medical professional first, and flying is not recommended after 36 weeks, as it is always recommended you stay close to home in this time.

In order to make yourself more comfortable make sure you order a seat-belt extension from the airline, take frequent opportunities to stretch your legs to prevent deep vein thrombosis and hydrate regularly. Some concerns about air travel when pregnant are that there is an increased threat of picking up a cold or flu when flying, which is never fun when pregnant, but by taking precautions to make yourself comfortable and safe you should be fine.

Traveling by Car
Travelling long distances in the car while pregnant is also fine, as long as you are sensible about protecting your back and taking frequent breaks. Every woman's pregnancy is different, and the way the baby is sitting could make sitting down comfortable or uncomfortable. Understand your body and make sure that you don't end up in discomfort for hours on end--then you'll really wish you did stay home!

When You're There
Obviously there are things that you can no longer do on holiday when you're pregnant, and it's important to make sure you honour the changes in your limitations. Its also important to do your research on where the nearest hospitals are to where you are staying, just in case anything goes wrong. Try not to go too far out into the wilderness just to be sure. If you're travelling overseas, be mindful of local foods and sanitation. A bout of gastro or food poisoning can be much more serious when you are pregnant so try to avoid places where this is a threat.

Other than being sensible and following the advice of your doctor, there is no reason why you can't slap on some sunscreen, get yourself a sexy pair of
maternity swimwear and hit the road for a relaxing holiday! It might be just what the doctor ordered, in the end!

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juno June 07, 2011  

must should be carefull traveling while pregnant...

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