Jun 29, 2011

A Nostalgia House

This house is becoming a hot topic for my blogs this week. I’ll post it again in Nostalgia post since it very relates with memories, especially my father's. When I stayed in this house, my age was under three years old. Still too young to remember all details of the house.

My father worked at national electricity company. When he was placed in Bogor (West Java, Indonesia), his position was the Branch Head. He and all family were allowed to stay in an official house, the beautiful big house that has Dutch colonial building structure. After four years, my father moved to another town and left the house.

I spent my college days in Bogor. Retiring in 1996, my father decided to buy a house in Bogor and accompanied me here. We live together in the same house until now.

Back to this nostalgia house again. Located in Ceremai St, it’s not far from our home. Before, we sometimes passed by the house; and it looked empty. About one year ago, I noticed that the house has transformed into a café.

Though it has opened for public for months, we just visited the café last Sunday. My father looked interested and wanted to see around the café. He also told one staff that he had ever lived there. Fortunately, the staff was kind enough to take us wandering around.

My father still remembers well all details. During our lunch, he told us interesting stories that happened in this house. Here are some interesting stories : a gardener who got possessed (by a spirit) after felling the mango tree in the back yard, a woman helper who gave birth a baby by herself in the back room (she didn’t tell my mom about her pregnancy) and baby-me who always crying every coming dusk. The house now is becoming a horror-themed café. Did the café owner hear these stories and then decided to create a horror style? I don’t know.

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DeniseinVA June 30, 2011  

Fascinating post and your old home has a very interesting history. The porch area looked lovely, I would have enjoyed sitting there. Thanks for sharing your Dad's memories with us and for sharing this lovely house.

mommy Orkid Belle June 30, 2011  

Visiting! Thanks for sharing your story. :) Lovely house.

Adin B

Chubskulit Rose June 30, 2011  

Very nostalgic indeed.. You know the horror thing is a big thing in remote areas in the Philippines hehehe..

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