Jun 24, 2011

China Care Foundation- Helping Orphans with a New Life

It is somewhat known that living conditions in China can be quite harsh for the majority of the population there. It is also known that due to the population boom there is a cap put in place that limits the amount of children a family can have to 1.

So if a child is born with a disability or abnormality they are usually abandoned to underfunded and crowded orphanages. This is a sad tale indeed, but then enters Matt Dalio, a young man looking for his Eagle Scout project and wanted to do some good in the world.

Having lived in China as a boy, Matt Dalio became aware of the hardships Chinese orphans face at a young age. So when he got the opportunity to help, he wasted no time and started the China Care Foundation. The foundation raises funds so Chinese orphans can afford to get simple surgeries, which in turn make them more adoptable. That is what the foundation was at its inception and initially was only out to raise about $50,000. Matt Dalio and his foundation has grown quite a bit since then. They have currently raised over $1.5 million, helped 80 children be adopted in American families, helped put 90 children into Chinese foster families, raised money to preform over 100 surgeries and renovated 3 different orphanages. So far the China care foundation has done a lot of good and shows little sign of slowing down. If you or anyone you know would like to get involved in the China Care foundation, go to chinacare.org.

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