Jun 17, 2011

Enjoying Your Favorite Music Video

Seeing a music video is like watching a mini musical movie. Many people love watching music videos as it can be so inspiring. You can’t only listen to the music but also enjoy the visualized music. Since most people prefer to memorize more visual things, music videos are also becoming the popular marketing strategy in recent music industry.

Every song has its own story and message. If it’s described visually well in an attractive music video package; surely it will attract more fans. My nephew is becoming a Linkin Park fan, after watching Linkin Park Iridescant for several times.

Ladies, have you ever seen the latest single of Katy Perry? I’ve just seen Katy Perry Last Friday Night Video; it’s a hilarious one! In her new music video, Katy Perry appears as a female teenaged nerd. You’ll feel like watching a mini movie within duration about 8 minutes. The video is very interesting to watch. Many famous stars are becoming cameos here. You should see it!

If you love Jason Derulo’s previous songs; don’t miss checking out his new video Jason Derulo Don't Wanna Go Home. Whatever kind of your desired music and artist; it would be more fun and enjoyable if you watch your favorite music videos at the special music video site! Since enjoying music can decrease your daily stress, why don’t you often do it?

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Yen June 19, 2011  

I like the song of linkin park,one of the soundtrack in transformer that would be out in the movie house last week of the month :-)

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