Jun 9, 2011

My Mom’s Diploma Photos

This morning, my father asked me to help him preparing documents that needed for applying a new passport. While searching needed documents inside a folder, I also found my mom’s diplomas, high school and college diplomas.

I won’t share her grades here; but I can say that my Mom was an average student. I’m more interested with her photos on the diplomas. I like seeing her poses. I only have one pose in my diploma photos, facing to the front stiffly, hehehe. Have you ever seen your father/mom’s diplomas?


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Anonymous June 09, 2011  

Why did the school allow the students for posing like that, while today school only allows us to pose stiffly frontal to the camera with head tilt up high?


Chubskulit Rose June 09, 2011  

Hahaha yep, there's onely one pose allowed even when I was still working in college. The photographer decides in order to have a uniform style in the yearbook. It's just the smiles that varies. I was stiff too when I had mine lol. Your mom is beautiful LIna.

Dhemz June 10, 2011  

oh my! such a treasure....thanks for sharing Lina!

Stef June 10, 2011  

I'm planning to scan my Mama's old photos too. Like you, their old photos and memories are something I find interesting. Hope you can check out my entry too. Thanks!

PHUNU June 10, 2011  

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Clarissa June 11, 2011  

Gosh,it's really a treasure!Buti na lang naitago pa ng Mom ang lahat ng yan..


Happy Nostalgia!

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