Jun 11, 2011

The Dangers of Botox: It is Not for Everyone

Botox injections are on the increase. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. In Australia, there are a number of clinics in the capital cities offering this treatment. Botox is probably the most popular in Australia because it is the city where more people want to look good, and probably because it has the highest gay community in the country. Botox is not cheap, and if you are going to choose based on price, you are probably going to get a poor treatment. Here is a look at some of the preparation you should do yourself before you even consider getting it. There are a number of dangers, and it is not for everyone.

Avoid Alcohol. Avoiding alcohol for at least 2 weeks before you get the treatment is absolutely necessary. You should consult with your physician on what medications you are currently taking. It may be necessary for you to stop those medications for some amount of time before you can have the procedure. If you cannot stop those medications, you might not be able to have the procedure.

Botox is a Poison. It is important to understand that Botox itself is a poison. It is a protein produced by bacteria. Botox is actually a brand name, and it is produced by a number of pharmaceutical companies. You must discuss this with your physician.

Main Problems. The main problems seem to occur when the injected toxin starts to spread. There will be swelling and a certain amount of discomfort for a number of days after the procedure. It is important you do not massage the area where you received the injections. There are many reports of detailed cases where the toxin has spread to other parts of the body causing muscle weakness and even trouble with breathing.

Professionals Only. It is only those who are highly skilled in the administration of this treatment who can be trusted. Be wary of any clinic that is offering large discounts compared with normal prices. Remember, there has been a large increase in the number of clinics that offer this procedure because it is a real money maker.

Variety of Services. Botox injections are only one treatment, and should be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as, microdermabrasion – peeling of the skin. A professional clinic will have a full range of services and will not immediately offer you botox injections until they are satisfied that is what you need. Looking younger comes from living healthier. Changes in your lifestyle, what you eat, and how well you sleep, can all go a long way to making you look better.

Change of Lifestyle. If you are looking old for your age, it is probably a result of your lifestyle. A good physician will not be selling you on the benefits of botox injections without discussing your lifestyle and other treatments that may be appropriate for you. Lifestyle changes may be called for first.

If you are considering botox, understand it is a serious decision. Your lifestyle changes are what you should be thinking about first.

4 komentar:

roffe June 11, 2011  

I'll never use Botok' but I know somebody who use this treatment..

Yen June 12, 2011  

Yay! I guess the best is the natural way, still.

BABDC June 13, 2011  

Whether in Indonesia, there is also a product Botox?

eden June 15, 2011  

yep, this is so popular here but can't afford it.

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