Jun 28, 2011

Windows 8: Features that Will Make it a Breeze to Install and Repair

Everyone one who is a PC and Windows user probably knows about the blue screen of death by now. When that screen appears on your Windows based machine, you know something has gone seriously wrong, you have lost data, and there is little you can do about it. It normally means you will have to reinstall the whole system.

A Windows 8 blue screen will apparently exist. It might even be black as some rumours have it. That can be a little concerning for all of us. It does imply there could be those serious problems will occur with Windows 8. On the other hand, there are a number of features that will exist to make it much easy to install our system, applications and recover if something goes seriously wrong. Installing Windows 8, and repairing it will not be the hassle we are currently used to with Windows. Here is a look at the reasons why.

· Installation.Windows 8 will not come in the form of a disk. However, it is probable one will be available online if you have some strange reason why the easy installation from the soon to be announced Windows 8 website. Essentially, Windows 8 will rotate around the website for it. This will mean installation and updating of your machine is designed to be an online activity. Windows 8 will install, and it will install the best configuration for your machine.
· Update.Windows already regularly updates, or wants to update itself as an online activity. This will be no different with Windows 8. The way this happens, might be a little different. Instead of heavy and slow downloads, the system will appear more like a cloud operating system, in that updates will be instantly integrated into the system.
· When Disaster Strikes. There is one feature that we will all be very happy about. The Windows 8 system will have a push button reset feature. If you do happen to have a situation where your operating system crashes, and you do get that black or blue screen or death, there will be the choice to reset you operating system to the original factory settings at the push of a button WITHOUT losing any of your data. An excellent feature that will take a whole lot of pain out of using Windows for all of us. More often than not, it is the fear of making changes that might result in disaster, that makes us feel nervous and overly cautious with our PCs. This will no longer be the case. Do what you like, because if all goes wrong, you can reset it with ease.
· Apps.Windows 8 is designed to incorporate the language of web-based applications into the system better than any other system that exists today. This will mean web-based applications will run extremely fast and take full advantage of the whole machine’s processing power, and not just use the processing power available for that single browser.

On top of that, all Windows 8 applications will be available from a single App Store. Something Apple users are very used to. This will mean searching for apps and software will be a thing of the past. Microsoft will also release web-based versions of your favourite apps, such as Microsoft Office, as Office 365. This will mean the application is actually not on your machine, but on the Microsoft server. There are a number of benefits of this, but that is another whole article.

Windows 8 can be expected to be a leap forward in the world of computing, and a welcome and safe experience for all Windows users. It will bring together all those companies, developers and manufacturers producing all that software and hardware under one roof.

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