Jun 15, 2011

The Toys to Suit the Kids’ Perennial Problem

Every parent, aunt, uncle and family friend knows the problem- The right toys! What toys can you get that won’t bore the kids, will keep them happy, and maybe (gasp) help their learning. The problem is that that’s not always the problem. Kids are highly social, and it’s not always just their own interest that’s involved. Their friends will get in on the act, too.

The trick is to find something that’s truly new, as well as interesting and fun. Very young kids will get interested in anything, as everyone knows, but a little later on they’ll also be interested in exploring. This is where more complex toys meet more complex needs, and it’s a good way to really find out which toys are really wanted and “socially acceptable”.

Toys are more than toys
Some toys are prestige things for kids. The well known demand for a toy like another kid has, for instance, is a real social issue. Toys have status. Even the most tactful child, confronted with a toy which is too passé for their age, will cringe at the sight of these things. The highly valued toys are a combination of the crowd pleasers and the child’s own special interests. Any parent having a really bright, intelligent child will recognize the issues- What’s the best choice for the extremely important personal interests, and what are the socially good toys?

As a matter of fact, toys are still toys in some ways, as long as they fit the bill. A toy like a basketball or anything very active and play-based is always appreciated, by everyone. Anything from a dinosaur to a remote controlled toy will get a lot of interest, too. The trick is to get the information you need to find the cool toys and avoid the uncool toys.

The quick way to find the right toy- Be sneaky!
Fortunately for parents, there are a lot of options available, particularly if you check out the huge ranges of
online toys. Here you can find anything from toddler toys to the very high quality National Geographic toys for ages 6 and upwards. The good news is that you can get a lot of attention when you’ve got something on a screen to show your kids, and some comments.

You can ask with that convincing parental innocence/ ignorance which is so useful at times what something is when you “accidentally” bump into it. You’ll probably get a lecture, but you’ll also definitely get a good idea of what’s interesting and what’s not, instantly. If you get almost total silence and fascination, you’ve hit the jackpot. If you get a sort of grown up kid response, you’ve found a lemon.

If you’ve got a kid with real internet savvy, a quick check of the bookmarks will tell the tale about what’s cool pretty effectively. Another good trick is to follow the big name brands in the areas of interest. These are a very good guide to prices and quality.

When you get the right toy, you’ll know.

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Anonymous June 15, 2011  
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eNeS June 15, 2011  

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