Aug 2, 2010

Inaccessible Beauty

There’s a disturbing fact: media images of female beauty are impossible for most women; only a very small number of women can achieve ‘the beauty’. If I have a daughter one day, I won’t buy her a Barbie doll. Why?

Researchers have generated a computer model of a woman with Barbie doll proportions. Some of the results are:

  • Her back would be too weak to support the weight of her upper body

  • Her body would be too narrow to contain more than half a liver and few centimeters of bowel.
A ‘real’ woman that has a body like Barbie doll proportion; can be assured that she would suffer from chronic diarrhea and sooner or later die from malnutrition.

Unfortunately, according to Jill Barad (President of Mattel/Barbie manufacturer), there’s an estimation that 99% of girls aged 3-10 years old at least have one Barbie doll. I guess every mother should inform her daughter that Barby’s body proportion is just a fantasy. It’s an unachievable beauty!
The number of real life women and girls who seek an equally underweight body is still epidemic. They can suffer overwhelming health consequences. In 2006 it was estimated that up to 450, 000 Canadian women were affected by an eating disorder.

Ladies, our health is more important than just small body sizes. With having a healthy life, we can be healthy and also beautiful.


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