Aug 22, 2010

Beautiful Orchids

Thanks to Luiz for allowing me to be a Guest Friend Day on this wonderful meme Today's Flowers. Wish you all the best!

This time I’ll share some Orchids flowers that I saw at Agri Park that day. They all are for sale.

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Digital Flower Pictures August 22, 2010  

Great macro shots. Love the last two. Congratulations on being an aunt.

Carver August 22, 2010  

These orchids are gorgeous. I also love your shots on the home page of today's flowers.

CherShots August 22, 2010  

beautiful pics ~ and congratulations on your new nephew :)

eileeninmd August 22, 2010  

Gorgeous shots of the beautiful orchids. Congrats on your new nephew, he is a cutie!

lotusleaf August 22, 2010  

Lovely shots of orchids.

Carletta August 22, 2010  

Lovely orchids! The last one is especially nice with the light.
Congrats on being guest host - loved the one with the bees!

Arija August 22, 2010  

Great macros of the orchids and particularly of the ants.

Lui August 22, 2010  

Gorgeous orchids and also your flowers at TF! Congrats for being the Guest today and also for your BIL/SIL (I jokingly refer to them as "sister-out-law" so it is SOL. haha. my bad!)...Hey, Lina, your baby will come when you least expect it! And it will be soon!

Chubskulit Rose August 22, 2010  

So gorgeous! Have a great Sunday!


Rosie Nixon Fluerty August 22, 2010  

Great news about the safe arrival of your little nephew and I hope that some day soon you become a mum too.

I love looking at orchids - they probably grow wild in your country but here they really need very specific conditions to thrive and many don't have the patience to try. You've featured some great photos here and on the TF site.

:) Rosie

(my entry is on my centre of interest photoblog)

EJ August 22, 2010  

Lovely blooms!

Wild Beauties. Have a safe and blessed Sunday!

Ewa August 22, 2010  

these are lovely photos

jabblog August 22, 2010  

Beautiful orchids and wonderful macros. Thank you :-)

Misty DawnS August 22, 2010  

These are gorgeous. I especially like the last two photos! Beautiful!

Luiz Santilli Jr August 23, 2010  

Hi Lina

Wonderful post!
Thanks for posting!
Have a nice days!


Jane August 23, 2010  

Nice closeups, very pretty:)

Marilyn August 23, 2010  

Your pictures are wonderful! Also, as a new great aunt, I know how special new babies are. Congratulations to you and the family. May this child grow to be happy and healthy. ♥♫

Mª Zélia August 23, 2010  

Olá Lina! Parabéns pelas fotos de flores em macro! Linda esta percepção fantástica do que acontece com as flores... As orquídeas são flores exóticas e traduzem todo sentimento de alegria! Imagino seu encantamento, pois seu sobrinho é muito lindo e fofo!
Um grande abraço!

Roan August 23, 2010  

Absolutely gorgeous! I do enjoy orchids.

Pat August 23, 2010  

Your orchid photos are really beautiful. I love the violet color in the last shot.

Ramosforest.Environment August 23, 2010  

Beautiful Orchids.
Luiz Ramos

Ellen Reader August 23, 2010  

Very good photos. I especially like the top two? Do you know what species each of them are?

Orchid Information

Jama August 23, 2010  

Gorgeous orchids!

eden August 23, 2010  

These are pretty orchids. Love all the pictures.

Luiz Santilli Jr August 23, 2010  

Hi Lina
Thanks for posting for TODAY'S FLOWERS.
Wonderful your flowers!


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