Aug 8, 2010

Red Cockscomb Flowers

It also called Celosia Brains or Woolflowers. Indonesian people call it bunga Jengger Ayam (Cockscomb). I captured these flowers when I visited Agri Park (Bogor, West java, Indonesia).

The botanical name is Celosia cristata. The genus name Celosia came from the Greek meaning ‘burned’, referring to the blooms’ color. This annual flowering plant grows in warm lands of Africa.

Celosia is an unusual velvety coral-shaped flower that usually comes in shades of red, pink, yellow or orange. Celosia has stringy celery-like stems with leafy foliage, and is treated in Africa as a vegetable. The plant grows wild in hot tropical regions of South America, Africa and South East Asia.

Florists find the flower head of Celosia to be considerably long lasting, while the foliage wilts easily. The flower is bright and original, and looks great in funky arrangements. Source:

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EG CameraGirl August 08, 2010  

They look so interesting in the garden, don't you think? I had no idea they are a vegetable, though.

Roan August 08, 2010  

They are very pretty flowers. My mother-in-law always grew Cockscomb. When I see them, I remember her. Thanks for the memory. ;)

Unknown August 08, 2010  

bunganya cantik banget mbak...
warnanya segar

EJ August 08, 2010  

What a coincidence, we have the same flower hehehe.


Unknown August 08, 2010  

i love the color. marvelous shots.

Chubskulit Rose August 08, 2010  

Gorgeous Celosia!

Blooms in my Garden

eileeninmd August 09, 2010  

Very pretty, beautiful photos!

Kathy August 09, 2010  

The color is so brilliant. Wonderful photos.

Anonymous August 09, 2010  

Great pictures!!
I don't recall ever seen a beautiful flower like this before!
Thank you for sharing.

Tes August 09, 2010  

Lovely blooms. I see some of those here too. :)

penghuni60 August 09, 2010  

wah, cakep bgt tuh...

Blogger August 09, 2010  

meskipun texturnya terlihat tebal dan berserat namun tetep saja terlihat cantik bunga² ini

eden August 09, 2010  

Beautiful flowers. My friend here has this flowers in her garden.

Unknown August 09, 2010  

met malam mbak...
aby mampir lagi...

fini August 09, 2010  

lovely in red:) Over here we called it "Bunga Balung Ayam" :)

fatloss August 14, 2010  

These flowers can be planted in vas? and/or stored inside the house?

Flowers August 16, 2010  

flowers are great representations of feelings, emotions, and characteristics that can bring a special touch to your special baby shower!

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