Aug 27, 2010

Women Should Care about Their Health

A woman should care about her health, as she has important role to the people around her. If she is a mother, she has important role to raise her children and to look after her whole family. If the mother get seriously ill until she can’t do anything for her family, can you imagine how big the bad effect to the entire family life?

Speaking about
women's health, breast cancer still becomes a major threat to women’s life. Since breast cancer can really endanger us; it’s wiser if you more focus on prevention steps. You should acknowledge yourselves with all information on prevention actions that can be done to minimize breast cancer risk.
You can apply internet as a great information resource. There’s a great website that provides various
women's health articles on the latest women’s health issues. Reading one of the articles, you’ll find out that the adequate amount of soy intake is very important for every woman. It has scientifically proven that soy intake may reduce breast cancer risk. It’s good news, right? Check it out to know more about women’s health!

4 komentar:

Ana Cristina August 28, 2010  

Nice and important info. Although I do not like soy, I'll try to get some in capsules...
Have a nice weekend!

Biyaheng Pinoy August 28, 2010  

Thank you for sharing. Will tell my mother about this.

Fanda August 28, 2010  

Yep! The flavonoid content in soy has good health benefits. But I prefer tempeh compared to soy milk.

Agenda ibu rumah tangga August 28, 2010  

Thanks for the site recommendation, and the healthy tips! :) I love drinking soya milk, esp the sweet flavored one!

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