Aug 13, 2010

Sky Watch: Kujang Monument

Kujang Monument is the sole monument of the Bogor city. Actually, Kujang is a traditional weapon from West Java, Indonesia. This monument is situated at Triangle Park on Jl. Pajajaran, Jl. Otista and Jl. Baranangsiang, Bogor. It commemorated the struggle for Indonesian Independence of people in West Java.
I captured the pictures from inside our car. It’s just my lucky shot as we can’t stop to capture it.

Sky Watch Friday

8 komentar:

fini August 13, 2010  

You capture it from a perfect angle!

MinnieRunner August 13, 2010  

You have a very good camera Lina. You were able to capture it without being blurred.

hps August 13, 2010  

saya ingat waktu masih kerja di bogor....memang bagus monumen ini...

eden August 13, 2010  

Great shots, Lina! Love the angle.

belajar hukum indonesia August 14, 2010  

kunjungan perdana mbak, wah jadi pengen pergi ke bogor nih... mantap fotonya

Al August 14, 2010  

That looks like an impressive monument. Great job capturing it from a moving car!

Agenda ibu rumah tangga August 14, 2010  

I really love your pics, I think you have a talent in photography

kimmy August 15, 2010  

really nice shot!

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