Aug 6, 2010

Nostalgia: My Wedding Invitation

When I was cleaning the drawers a few days ago, I found this –my wedding invitation. It’s very simple and not colorful. I added a little touch to decorate it.
It’s not a lovely wedding invitation; but it’s a unique one. I decide to keep it! Do you still have your wedding invitation?


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shydub August 06, 2010  

i never had one of that when i got married. This is indeed a nostalgic things to remember all the time.

David August 06, 2010  

this is actually a pretty nice invitation. We never had a wedding invitation as we got married the same day we applied for our marriage license.

Chubskulit Rose August 06, 2010  

Yup, I kept mine as well. I actually like yours esp the LR initials, so unique indeed. Simplicity is beauty as they say.

Mel_Cole August 06, 2010  

I like your wedding invitation, like what my Aunt's wedding invitation too.

Tembang Lawas August 09, 2010  

Wah undangannya keren mBak, jadi pengen neeh besok kalo merid biki seperti itu he he he :-D

Agenda ibu rumah tangga August 10, 2010  

what a lovely keepsake,it can really take your memory back to those precious moments...

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