Aug 2, 2010

Enjoyable Ways to Promote Your Child’s Creativity

Every parent wants to raise their child to be a creative child. Boosting creativity in your children will help them to achieve their potential and to express themselves in healthy ways. Creative people are famous as fine problem solvers.

Have you heard of floor time? Basically, floor time is a playing and interactive tool, between parents and child. It can be repeated several times per day. The aims of floor time method are: to develop child’s potency and creativity, to enhance emotional closeness between parents and child, to train communication and thinking ability; and to increase child’s self confidence.

Having realized the importance of playing time for your child, you should know what playing activities that is most suitable with your child’s needs. Several points in playing time that parents should understand are:

  • Parents and child play interactively every day for about 30 minutes.
  • Focus completely in your child’s wants. Turn off TV and radio.
  • Follow your child’s idea; initiate comes from your child.
  • Let your child to decide what she/he wants to play/tell and how to do it (of course, the game depends on your child’s age).
  • Don’t take over to lead the game, parents should play actively as your child wants and be her/his friend. You should build interactive communication here!

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