Aug 22, 2019

Special Gifts for Makeup Enthusiasts

Before talking about makeup enthusiasts; let’s make it clear this term first. A makeup enthusiast is a person who loves makeup similar to a hobby. On the other hand, persons who doing makeup for a living are called makeup artists; those are important professionals in the beauty world. Many women are beauty and makeup enthusiasts who often buy and try various skincare and cosmetic products in different brands –usually just for themselves. In this case, wholesale makeup offers solution for makeup enthusiasts to access affordable branded makeups and keep looking good in less cost.

The increasing worldwide demand of beauty products from year to year is inline with the report from Zion Market Research stated that global cosmetic products market valued at about USD 532 Billion in 2017 and estimated will achieve around USD 863 Billion in 2024 (source: GlobeNewsWire). Generally speaking, cosmetic industry has grown rapidly while beauty enthusiasts are potential customers with significant roles in boosting sales and expanding market.
Morphe Jaclyn Hill 35 ColorEyeshadow PALETTE

Let’s say that your loved one is a new makeup enthusiast; she is a beginner who likes to practice applying makeup and trying different makeup techniques on herself. If her birthday is coming soon, it seems that a perfect birthday gift for her must be related with her new hobby –makeup stuff!

That’s why beauty palettes would be perfect gift for any makeup enthusiast. A few options for your gift ideas as below:

Eyeshadow palette. One of recommended eyeshadow palettes is jacylyn hill morphe palette that comes with thirty five highly pigmented colors which soft, durable and easy to blend. She surely will love this eyeshadow palette; the variety of colors allows her to create desired eye makeover for various styles and occasions.

Makeup palette.  A handy all-in-one makeup palette that contains different beauty items such as concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows and blush on -in a few colors- would be great for practical makeup enthusiasts who love travelling.

Lip palette. Many girls love to apply lipstick in different shade every day. This lip palette should be added to her cosmetic collection.

Those mentioned above are only a few gift ideas; you will stumble on many other cosmetic palette options at reduced prices once you go to online cosmetic wholesalers like Wordmakeup. I’m very sure that she will treasure the gift.

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