Aug 3, 2019

Dress Your Bridesmaids in Stunning Pink Dresses

Did you watch the latest Academy Awards 2019? I guess you most likely observed its red carpet fashion more. That night, the red carpet was spiced up by a majority of female celebrities wearing pink outfits. Yep, the color of the night was pink in different hues. Julia Roberts, Gemma Chan, Linda Cardellini, Kasey Musgraves and Sarah Paulson chose pink and they looked stunning in their attention-grabbing pink dresses. If you are a bride-to-be, it might inspire you to dress your maids in pink as well. Click here to find out pink bridesmaid dresses in trendy styles.
Flounced Crinkle Halter Bridesmaid Dress –Price: US$ 99.00
Pink are available in a variety of shades. Some of those are hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, rose pink and lighter hues such as carnation, amaranth, lemonade and flamingo. Hot or shocking pink that mostly worn on the red carpet is not a proper color for maids because there is a rule states that the bride’s wedding gown must be the main attention. The dresses that worn by the girls should not beat the bride’s look and steal the center attention. Thus choosing the right hues along with the dress styles is important in looking for bridesmaid dresses that suit every girl’s skin tone and figure.
Simple Jewel Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress–Price: US$ 99.00
One-shoulder Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress–Price: US$ 99.00
Well, are you ready to start searching for dresses that make the girls comfortable and elegant along the bridal ceremony and party? Pink gives stunning look and it surely emphasizes girl’s feminine side. The best choices are versatile pink dresses which are designed in classic styles and can be worn again for different occasions. It is recommended to visit the trusted e-commerce sites such as bmbridal and start your search at their collection. For your shopping ideas, it is my pleasure to show a few options that I love so much. Tough the dresses featured above are in the same shade; each is a unique item which harmonizes one another.

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