Aug 23, 2019

15 Easiest Ways To Look Younger After 40

When you are about to cross your 40-year mark, it is not easy to maintain a youthful look and lifestyle. It needs lots of effort and cares to keep yourself groomed and positive. Below are the 15 easiest ways to look younger after 40.

1.Stay away from alcohol

An adequate amount of fine wine may be good for you. Although, too much alcohol is harmful to your health. People who drink an excessive amount of alcohol are likely to look older than their same-age friends who don’t drink. So, have a little drink but know how much is too much. 

2.Lay off sugars

Sugars are everywhere. Make sure you are not making them a considerable part of your meals. Eating a large amount of sugars can make your face sugary with fine lines, wrinkles, patches, and blemishes with sagging under the eye. In short, everything you don’t like to have on your face.

3.Fall in love with sunscreen

Regardless of the weather outside being sunshine, cloudy or rainy, always wear sunscreen. Sun damage of every kind leads to premature aging. Hence, protecting your skin from it will prevent you from dark spots and pigmentation.

4.Eat a balanced diet

It is easy to eat desire foods in your twenties and thirties. However, it is difficult to get away with the same eating habits in your forties.To ensure you eat not just a healthy but balanced diet, include adequate portions of vegetables, fruits, protein, fiber, and healthy fats in your meals along with micronutrients. This will help you to be active and immune from head to toe.

5.Stay hydrated

Being hydrated helps you to look vibrant and keeps your skin elastic and glowing. Hydration makes sure you get rid of under-eye puffs, cracks, patches, and acne. It gives your skin a firmer and smoother appearance.


Exercise is not only good for your muscles and bones; it also helps you to maintain a tight and toned skin. Add a workout routine in your schedule with whatever you like including yoga, swimming, gyming, or spinning. It will get you in shape, making you glow from inside out.

7.Take multivitamins

“It is impossible to get all the essential micronutrients in your diet” says; Martha -medical writing consultant, KingEssay.  Many vitamins and minerals are skipped from our meal plans. Hence, having the right multivitamin assures that your body is protected and functioned well. It makes you youthful by eliminating deficiencies.


8.Treat yourself a spa day often

Regardless of gender, heading to a spa once in a while is always great for keeping up your youthful appearance. Get a warming facial, relaxing massage and refreshing mani-pedi to get everything cleaned up while having moisturized and groomed looks.These will make you feel vibrant and look fresh as well.

9.Get good sleep

Poor sleep leads you to have early signs of aging. It also decreases the body’s ability to heal and recover. Hence, get the right amount of undisturbed sleep as it will affect positively to your skin more than ever you can imagine.

10.Flash & brighten your smile

Stella Thomson, Photography advisor at winter soldier jacket believes; “Happy faces are more likely to look younger than frowning faces.” That’s the apparent reason to keep a beautifully bright smile on your face and grin through the most depressing days.

11.Wear fitted attire

When shopping, hit for the clothes that flatter your shape and get your attention in all of your certain areas. Search for those fittings that are just made for your body. This will make you look younger instantly and add grace to your style as well.

12.Trim & dye hairs regularly

A well suited is all you need to make the difference. Get to a proper stylist, let him/her give you the perfect style that looks perfect and is easy to maintain. Get your hairs dye, streak or have shades of foils as per your liking and your ability to do experimentation.


13.Limit sodium intake

Having too much sodium can impact your body’s ability to retain moisture. This leads your skin to get swelling and affects your vital organs as well. Stick to the RDA of sodium that is; 23oomg or 1 tsp. to keep yourself healthy and active.

14.Keep skin moisturized

For younger-looking skin, it’s all about moisture. Find a moisturizer that is compatible with your skin and apply it daily before going to bed. Regular moisturizing your face even with a serum will add a beneficial aspect to your skincare routine.


If you need one more reason to laugh, then we will give you two. First, laughing relieves stress. Second, it prevents premature aging. Hence these two excuses are perfect to have a good laugh with your pals.

What are you waiting for? Try these tips to drop all jaws looking you!

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Liza Brooke is a professional lifestyle and travel blogger. She has an experience in writing for more than a decade. Currently, she is working as content writer at Crowd Writer UK.

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