Jul 21, 2011

Nostalgia: Thanks Greeting from Mr. President

I’ve missed Nostalgia meme for several times. I don’t want to miss it again this week. Today, I spent the whole day in hospital and drug store. We took my father to visit a doctor in the hospital this morning and it needed hours to get the medicine from the drug store. We didn’t pay for the consultation and drugs, but we should follow the procedures. We always satisfy with the service from the hospital. But the drug store seemed to differentiate the service. We must wait for hours!

For Nostalgia this week, I want to share a Thanks Greeting that my father received from Indonesia President at that time, Soeharto. In January 1972, the President held two important family events at Bogor Presidential Palace (West Java, Indonesia). Both events related to the weddings of his son and daughter.

When the wedding events held, my father was a Branch Head of PLN Bogor (a Nation Electricity Company in Bogor Branch). I heard that my father was responsible for the electric supply and stability during the events. I also heard that there was an order to put off the electricity in a public facility. My father decided to disobey the order. Was it the reason that not long after this event, my father was transferred to another town and another island?


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Vicky Laurentina July 21, 2011  

Why am I not surprised?
That's really childish of them, to send off anybody who rejects their request. :p

Vernz@ Consumer Mom Talks July 21, 2011  

that's really sad Lina when politics sets in..... I hope your dad is OK now ... our prayers!

PS... if it's OK with you can I ask a favor to follow this blog, I just need to reach 100 to qualify for a network.. I hope you can help me.. been your follower here.. thanks in advance Lina :)

Hazel July 21, 2011  

Ah... ranks and politics! Here's wishing you and your Dad good health and more happy days ahead.

I'm visiting from the Nostalgia meme; joined for the first time.

Chubskulit Rose July 21, 2011  

I am sure that your father is happy with what he have decided to do, it's for the better of so many people and not just the high ranking people. A salute to your dad fr dad, I pray that he will be given more healthy life. Thanks for joining once again!

anne July 22, 2011  
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imriz July 22, 2011  

that's how politics run their game,lina.it'seven worse here in our country, sigh!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 July 22, 2011  

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