Jul 8, 2011

A Story behind an Old Guava Tree

This old guava tree grows in the front of my FIL’s house. The age is about 37 years old. My husband has the oldest brother, called Udin. He was the one who planted the tree. At that time, Udin was thirteen years old. After planting the tree, he said to his parents (my FIL and MIL) to keep the tree and never fell it.

In the next day, Udin got very serious sick and died two days later. It turned out that he had appendix infection that took his life. There’s still no hospital nearby at that time, so he couldn’t get the required help.

The tree is still alive until now. As Udin’s request, this guava tree will be kept live freely.


4 komentar:

Chubskulit Rose July 08, 2011  

Wow such a very precious memory he left. I miss eating guava.

Clarissa July 08, 2011  

The guava tree has precious memory for you and your family to remember Udin.


Happy Nostalgia!

The Hidden Korean Place July 08, 2011  

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Vernz July 09, 2011  

so sorry about what happened .. but I can see some good drama material here Lina.... very interesting :)

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