Jul 25, 2011

Women in Horse Racing

In what is generally considered a male-dominated arena, it is important not only to acknowledge the contribution that women have made to the sport, but to celebrate the very real successes of women in horse racing. What many people don’t realise as they swap horse racing tips or place their bets is that while the jockey might usually be male, there is, more often than not, a woman involved somewhere along the line whose hard work and dedication have contributed to the success of the horse and the jockey. Here, we pay tribute to some extraordinary women in horse racing.

There have been many great female trainers throughout horse racing history, notably Mary Hirsch (daughter of Max Hirsch), as well as Mary Keim, who was the only female trainer to train a Kentucky Oaks winner. In Australia, while female trainers were one rare, they are becoming increasingly commonplace. Gai Waterhouse has become a household name, and has had countless successes in her training career.

Female owners are more common than female trainers, and there have been several hugely successful thoroughbreds owned by women. The first female to own a Melbourne Cup winner was Mrs E.A. Widdis, with Patrobas. The first female to own a Kentucky Derby winner was Rosa Hoots with Black Gold. Women continue to play a big role in the racing scene in this way, and over the years more and more women have become involved and interested in owning their own piece of the action.

When it comes to female jockeys, there is still a perceived imbalance of power in the industry. Many female jockeys report having difficulty being selected by trainers, even through trainers usually prefer them to work the horses in the exercise yards. While the industry is getting more and more accepting of female jockeys, it wasn’t always easy for ladies to pursue their love of horse racing at a professional level, and while Pam O’Neil and Linda Jones are widely credited with being the first female jockeys in Australia, bursting onto the scene in 1979, it is also believed by many that Bill Smith, a skilled jockey in the 1940s, was actually Wilhemina Smith, posing as a man to be able to compete!

Women have long played a part in horse racing, not only in these more prominent roles but behind the scenes as well, in the stables, as exercisers, veterinarians and caretakers. As far as
racing tips go, here’s a good one for you to take to the bank: we’re tipping they continue to make their mark on the scene in years to come, and with prejudices dying every day, it won’t be too long before we see a much more even representation of women in the racing world.

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kim July 25, 2011  

we have someone like that here in the Philippines, Mikee Cojuangco and Toni Leviste. They really are very impressive..

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tanks for your info broter

Bali Ratih July 26, 2011  

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