Jul 28, 2011

Jump in the Water: Fun for You and Child!

The water can be your best friend during your pregnancy. While during the first trimester, discomfort is the least of your worries and you are more concerned for morning sickness, second and third trimesters are when baby grows to its largest inside you, and can start to put pressure on your body, both inside and out. And when you are starting to feel like you can’t possibly stretch any further in any direction, think about how comforting water can be. Many women these days look at the option of having a water birth, partly due to its reputation for decreasing pain and also for its supporting and relaxation features. But why wait until you’re at birth stage to enjoy these qualities?

While you may not feel at your most attractive, your body is actually the envy of many – this state, despite how you feel, is an incredibly beautiful look for a woman – so flaunt it. Maternity wear stores sell a range of different swimwear, which are both flattering and well suited to your new shape.

So how can you enjoy the water?
1. Play
Chasing your other small children around while pregnant can be exhausting. But the water not only leaves you in a state where you are more mobile and buoyant, it also generally means your kids are confined to a smaller space and want to stay close to you. Use this time to really play and show them you still have energy, so they don’t get distressed that mummy isn’t as active any more. Head online and get some pool
toys, and you and your little one are set to enjoy the water!

2. Exercise
The water is also a great place to continue your pregnancy exercise routine. While you may not be able to go to the gym and ride exercise bikes or run on treadmills, many public pools now offer the option of water aerobics – which means back on the bike if you want, but without the impact or use of energy. Take the opportunity to look after your body, so post-pregnancy you’re off to a good start to get back to your old size!
3. Support
One of the most amazing parts of the pool when you are pregnant is that for a small part of your day, you don’t have to deal with the weight of your baby, the aches, pains and strains. Check out the internet and find yourself a local pool that is slightly heated and take advantage. Don’t worry about swimming or using the pool to exercise, just use it for relaxation. Let the warm water support your body, and the baby and just float around for a while, collecting your thoughts and taking it easy. It can make all the difference in your day.

4. Heat
Finally, use the water to escape summer. One of the most trying parts of pregnancy is being heavily pregnant during the peak heat of summer. Head to the pool each day to relax and escape the heat!

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