Jul 17, 2011

Welcoming My Father Home

During past few days, I didn’t notice our front yard, as I spend most of times in a hospital. This Sunday morning, my father went back home. Arriving at home, it’s my father himself who noticed these blooming Amarylis flowers for the first time. Two blooms and two buds, exactly.

I made a post about our last time blooming Amarylis at June 13, 2010. At the post, I promised to write a post in Today's Flowers every time it’s blooming. As my promise, now I write this post and share the flowers here.

This time, they ‘choose’ the right time to bloom. They seem like welcoming home my father after 10 days in hospital. They ‘know’ how to make my father feel special.

Will they bloom next year or perhaps sooner? I’ll post it again here!

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Modern Mom July 17, 2011  

Your Amarylis are so lovely Lina and it's great news that your dad is now home.

My entry.

Luna Miranda July 18, 2011  

such vibrant color--perfect to welcome your father home.

Rajesh July 18, 2011  

Very pretty flowers.

DeniseinVA July 18, 2011  

Vibrant and beautiful!

Andrea July 18, 2011  

I've been looking for this red amaryllis, but haven't purchased it yet. Ours is a red-orange which i have been posting here way back, because we have a lot of them, they already look like a hedge.

Chubskulit Rose July 18, 2011  

Beautiful blooms, am sure they timed it to cheer up your father Lina!

Today's Flower at my page. Have a great week ahead.

eden July 18, 2011  

So pretty. Great shots.

Autumn Belle July 18, 2011  

What a pretty amaryllis and a pleasant welcome home present. Wishing you lots more amaryllis blooms in the days and years to come!

kim July 18, 2011  

they are so pretty! thanks for sharing..

Yen July 18, 2011  

That flower is awesome. :-)

Advan Angkasa July 19, 2011  

Flowers are bright and beautiful, beloved father come to welcome home., Very happy.


Dhemz July 20, 2011  

that's stunning shots Lina...oh, my!

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