Jul 10, 2011

The Flower that Grabbed My Attention

I forget when I captured it; but I remember that I saw this bright red flower in the front yard of my grand father’s house. Until now, I still haven’t yet known the flower’s name. I’m too sleepy to search its name now. Anyway, have a great weekend to you all! I’ll spend my weekend here, at a hospital.
Today's Flowers

5 komentar:

SIDOL July 10, 2011  

Bunganya kok bagus sekali ya?

Chubskulit Rose July 10, 2011  

Gorgeous bloom! Looks like a gerbera daisy but am not sure.

Today's Flower at my end, hope you can drop by,. Have a blessed Sunday!

Luna Miranda July 11, 2011  

it's a gerbera...beautiful vibrant red.

eden July 12, 2011  

Beautiful flower. I agree with what the others said, its gerbera.

Self Sagacity August 28, 2011  

beautiful shade of red/pink. I love it. BTW- Thanks for the compliment on my
macro flower shots.

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