Jul 23, 2011


July 14th is our wedding anniversary. The date has passed for days. Both of us forgot the date, as we spent the whole day in the hospital, accompanying and caring my father. Being days in a hospital environment made me not noticing the date. I was only aware what day was that day.

It’s almost midnight when we finally realized that the date was July 14th! In the hospital room, we were holding hands and praying together. So, there’s no any celebration this year. But it’s not the most important thing, right? Both of us were so grateful that we still can keep our marriage commitment.

I hope I can share our wedding anniversary dinner photos here, but I can’t. Here’s one silly photo of him that captured in one quiet night in the hospital. Have a great weekend, guys!

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AstyNNS July 24, 2011  

Setuju banget Mbak, bukan perayaan yg penting, tapi masih bisa bersama menjaga komitmen pernikahan dan keduanya dalam keadaan sehat itu yg paling utama. Happy aniversary, semoga langgeng dan bahagia terus baik di kehidupan dunia dan akhirat kelak, amin ;D

Advan Angkasa July 24, 2011  

Hope remains committed and mature, happy anniversary to the 14th


LB July 24, 2011  

each anniversary of our age is reduced one year, may this be our reflection.
always happy and successful survivors.


Jona July 30, 2011  

incidentally, our wedding anniv is July 13 (2003):D.
praying together is a way to make your relationship stronger :D
sorry for the late visit Lina. but thanks again for linking up to sweet saturday!

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