Jul 31, 2019

8 Unique and Beautiful Ideas for Body Piercing Jewelry

Body piercings have been a common practice among generations from all across the globe. Some opt for piercings for cultural reasons while some wear body piercing jewelry to enhance a specific body part. A lot of people get a piercing done to look fashionable. No matter what the reason may be, there’s no denying the fact that body piercings never go out of trend.
So, if you also want a cool piercing, here are some ways you can get it done:
1)   Get a Sassy Piercing on the Belly: Flaunt your belly button with a cool piercing. Embellish your piercing with a gemstone belly ring to make it stand out. You can try a heart-shaped Cubic Zirconia Belly Button Ring in 14k gold. A dazzling heart graces the ring perfectly while a touch of pure gold adds to its elegance. This kind of classic design is sure to evoke subtle femininity!
2)  Dress up Your Ankle with a Cool Piercing: Stand out among women wearing anklets by getting a cool piercing on your ankle. You can opt for a simple barbell or colorful one.
3)  Beautify your Lips with a Gorgeous Piercing: Getting lips pierced is one way to add uniqueness to your everyday fashion. And when it comes to adorning a perforation on lips, nothing beats a diamond labret stud. Go for a diamond labret in 14k white, rose or yellow gold for a gorgeous look on your lip piercing.
4)  Get a Sassy Piercing on your Cartilage: Cartilage piercings will never go out to fashion. No matter what kind of piercing you choose, daith, rook or helix piercings, it will subtly show off your personal flair. For a unique yet sassy look, choose a twisted gold Ring hoop. It is a beautiful alternative to plain hoops and a perfect addition to your body piercing jewelry collection.
5)  Add Boldness to Your Nipples: Nipple piercing is a great way to flaunt your femininity and boldness. And when we talk about adorning a nipple, nothing will be a better choice than Gold - Diamond Straight Barbell. Two diamond balls supported by a gold rod make this barbell a perfect piece of nipple jewelry. You can also try this jewelry item on your tongue or industrial piercing.
6)  Make your Eyebrows stand out with a chic piercing: Eyebrows are an important part of your face and what’s better than to adorn them with a cool piercing. You can show your distinct style by adorning your eyebrow piercings with a pearl curved barbell. It will add a class to eyebrow piercing while making it look simple and elegant.
7)  Beautify your nose with a Gorgeous Piercing: Getting a nose pierced is quite common among women. However, one can make a piercing look one-of-a-kind with a unique nose piercing jewelry item. For an exceptional look, opt for a dual gemstone nose gold ring. It will allow you to capture the stunning spectrum of colors with a beautiful set of gemstones.
8)  Add Sparkle to your collar bones: Go for a collar bone piercing to make them stand out. Buy a pair of diamond studs from a body jewelry shop before you get your collars piercing.

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