Jul 19, 2019

Toilet Measurements & Dimensions to Know

When you are buying a new apartment, it’s obvious you will check all the probable things you need to work upon in order to set up your own home. Among them focusing on the toilet room also need special attention. Of course, there are various options available both offline and online when checking for a toilet design. The most important thing you should note is the dimension and size of the toilet you want for your apartment. Here’s a quick guide to learn about the toilet measurements for your ready reference:

Check the Toilet Bowl Shapes

There are two types of toilet bowl options available in the market. One is elongated and the other is round. The former comes in a pear-shaped design and offers extra comfort. This is 2-3 inches longer in comparison to any round bowl. While the latter is circular in shape and requires less room, thus, making it the right choice when you have enough space in your washroom.

Check the Seat Heights

Always check the seat height properly before finalising the toilet seat. Make sure, you consider both the height and needs when measuring the seat height. Usually, there are two forms of seat heights – chair and standard. 17-19 inches off the ground, the chair-height toilets are known to offer extra comfort and are an ideal pick for those who have restricted mobility.  The latter one is 15-17 inches off the ground level. These are the standard-height toilets which are quite common in most of the households and best for children.  

Ensure that it fits The Space

The primary step while buying a new toilet is none other than making sure that it fits the space you choose. In order to find out the right size toilet items for your bathroom, ensure to have a tape measure that would help you to jot down the measurements.

Check the Toilet Height

It is important to measure the toilet height right from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. Also, measure the height from the floor to the toilet tank’s top. This will help you find out whether the new toilet can be fitted into that space or not. Do not forget to check the space for the storage racks as well.  

All these points were also shared with one of our clients who bought a luxury apartment near Topsia last month. He was happy with the ideas. If you think that these were helpful enough to you as well then do implement the same and let us know your feedback.

Summary: This post highlights the toilet measurements and dimensions which you will be requiring for your new apartment. Before you finalise on the toilet for your apartment you need to know about a few things: about the toilet bowl’s shape, about the seat heights, toilet height and so on. Read the post to know more.

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