Jul 13, 2019

Spice Up Your Clothes with Vintage Style Accessories

There will be occasions when any woman wants to look sophisticated and classic in vintage style. Vintage enthusiasts don’t mind to show off their vintage inspired outfit from head to toe but some other women prefer to put on clothing in mixed styles. If you are in the second group, a good solution to get vintage look is wearing vintage style accessories that might include jewelry, bags, shoes, belts, hats and many more. This kind of accessories can add graceful vintage touch that you need to your total appearance.
Flower Clutch – Price:$32.00 USD
Vintage Lace Choker– Price:$13.00 USD
The authentic vintage jewelry could be pricey because each item has history and high value. Instead, you can choose well-made and well-designed reproduction vintage jewelry and accessories. Anyway, is it hard to find quality yet affordable vintage inspired accessories? Happily, the answer is no, you can go online and discover the collection at reliable vintage boutiques such as ZAPAKA that focuses on providing women’s vintage inspired clothing and accessories. You can find a wide variety of vintage style dresses for various occasions but now let’s talk more about their accessories collection. I see a variety of belts, petticoats, brooches, necklaces, glasses and handbags there; which accessory do you like to wear most?

Lots of women adore vintage fashion which conveys past look from different eras. Whatever vintage fashion statement that you love; vintage accessories will compliment your look.  You can bring vintage style handbags to pair your party wear.  The lovely flower clutch featured above is definitely a good example of worth to choose vintage accessories. A must have item for vintage lovers.
 Layered Pearl Necklace- $19.99 USD
Pearl Snowflake Brooch- $19.99 USD
Zapaka vintage inspired jewelry can spice up your plain outfits at once. Their brooches and necklaces collection resemble artworks. You can choose intricate and unique designs to create matchless vintage look and attract other’s attention as well. For your shopping ideas, I’m happy to share a few choices that I like so much.

Watch the video below to have a peek first of their wonderful dresses collection before starting your shopping. As a savvy shopper, you can save more by using the discount code: BLOG10 to get 10% off total order. FYI, this discount code can be used only once per customer.
Girls, whenever you are in need of vintage style clothing and accessories, you already know where to go. Thanks to this reputable vintage boutique.

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