Mar 20, 2015

How to Safely Using Public Toilets

Both men and women need to know how to safely use a public toilet, but in this case it is a woman whom to be more open-eyed. The very dangerous disease for women such as cervical cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) and it turns out the public toilets could be one place of the this virus spreading!

Although it looks less comfortable, squatting public toilet is far more secure than a sitting toilet. Men could finish his business in the toilet with a stand, while women can not. The problem is, the toilet seat on the sitting toilet type can be one spot of the HPV spreading.

Unfortunately many women still don’t know how to use the toilet safely, though it can reduce the risk of cervical cancer. Unbeknownst, the HPV virus that originated from a previous toilet user can hold on the toilet seat and then move to the next user.

So, how to use public toilets in the safe way?
If possible, you should sit half standing. It is quite tiring, but it is the most practical way. If you can’t drifty sit, the toilet seat is cleaned first with water or wet wipes. After that, immediately dry it with a tissue before use.

If you are in a hurry, before sitting down, you can cover first the surface of the toilet seat with tissue, your skin is important not directly in contact with the surface of the toilet seat. You may have other tricks?

Especially for women, always use flowing water from the tap when cleaning the feminine area. Water in a public toilet bucket or tub is very risky since it might have been contaminated with the virus and germs.

Although looks cleaner, in addition HPV, the presence of other diseases can be found in the toilet, such as salmonella, streptococcus, E-coli, and a variety of other viruses that can cause sore throat, flu or indigestion. Activities and routines outside the house make you often use the public toilet as a toilet at school, college, work, rest areas, gas stations, malls or other places.

Germs enter the body through your interaction with objects in public toilets, for example, when touching the taps, door handles, flush button on the toilet, or other objects. But of course we couldn’t completely avoid public restrooms because resisting the urge to urinate is not healthy and it can even cause health problems like inflammation of the urinary tract.

There are some other ways to protect us from germs at public toilets:
1. Your stuffs should not be placed on the floor of the toilet
2. Before using the toilet, get used to rinse / flush first to remove urine and other impurities that may contain bacteria
3. If using the toilet seat, used to clean the toilet seat or used to seal the surface with a tissue, as previously mentioned.
4. If the toilet seat looks dirty, it is better not occupied. Use toilet with a sitting position without touching the toilet float.
5. As much as possible not touching objects directly in the toilet. Use disposable tissue when pressing the flush in the toilet or opening the door.
6. If using a toilet seat, close the toilet lid before pressing the flush to prevent germs in the toilet hole out and about the body. If the toilet has no cover, stay away during a flush.
7. After finish using the toilet, always wash your hands using soap in the right way. For 20-30 seconds, you rub the palms, back of hands, between fingers, and the area under the nail. Dry both hands with paper towels. If you bring a hand washer fluid without rinsing, use after you finish washing your hands and leave the toilet.

In order not to get sick, you have to keep healthy your condition so that the germs that can exist anywhere not easily affect your health.

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