Mar 11, 2015

The Evergreen Wooden Toys

In the technological era, children have different toys and different playgrounds than their parents used to have. Classic children’s toys are replaced with addictive computer and video games and playgrounds have become virtual gaming platforms and social networks such as Facebook. As all good parents know, it is important to balance this out with some live action playtime – real toys and real children. This balance makes sure that youngsters don’t miss out on the positive influences on their health –fresh air and lots of physical activity.Tangible toys also boost some skills that virtual games, as didactic as they are, never could. The three-dimensional world is a playground for the sense of touch. Toys that we grew up with, all those wooden and plastic contraptions, they all worked toward developing our sense of space and our balance. This is why it is important for younger parents, as busy as they are, to replace their child’s tablet with some fantastic wooden toys.They will not get bored of them – just remember how you could spend the whole day building things out of wooden cubes, or Lego!

Plastic toys are not the monstrosities our parents made them out to be. No one was less healthy because of spending too much time with Barbie or toy cars. But regardless of that, wooden toys are a great fit for your child because they are made from a natural material all your ancestors have grown up with. Wood isn’t harmful, and it is as organic as it gets. It may not be the most fun toy a child could have, in terms of color, but that is what cheerfully colored wooden blocks are for.

Wooden block is a broad term. It can be just blocks of different sizes, building materials for your young inventor, or the blocks can have pictures, numbers, or letters on them, a great way to start reading. Whatever the design, they can be a fun and educational tool that your child will love. Making different shapes and objects with wooden cubes is a way for a child to practice and boost its creativity and have fun at the same time. Wooden toys like rocking horses, wooden bowling kits and others have the benefit of being safe and much more durable than their plastic counterparts. Most of them are dyed with water based colors so they are completely safe and non–toxic. They can help in the development of your child’s motor skills, hand to eye coordination, imagination and problem-solving skills. With them, your child can learn a lot about the world.

Parents that insist on raising their child in an organic environment could step up the wooden game a notch, get some toy animals for the child to learn about real life animals, and explore life in a community, through play. Wooden fruits don’t taste that great, but they can be used to play shopkeeper – teach the child some frugal skills from a young age. The whole family can participate in these activities in the form of role play. Have the child pretend to be a little salesman and you could be the customers – and you know this is great fun because we all bullied our parents into buying things from us when we were little.

These are all interactive and fun ways to learn. Even if your child doesn’t have the opportunity to see some exotic things, creatures in real life, and you don’t live near a farm to prop your kid upon a real “horsey”, all of it could be recreated through toy counterparts, to (almost) the same extent.

Wooden toys help your child be more active

Physical activity is very important for the proper development of your child. Toys should inspire and motivate the child to be more active and to move around while playing. The classic horse on wheels is a perfect toy for toddlers. A colorful bowling set can be shared with friends – teach them some teamwork, cooperation, and most importantly, sharing.

Toy stores keep throwing these animatronic friend-replacements our way, but the fact is that wooden toys have brought up centuries of children, and they have always been a favorite.

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