Mar 5, 2015

Boosting Your Productivity at Work

Have you felt that you lack inspiration for work? Do you feel tired when going to the office, and know that you must spend seven or eight painful hours there? This happens quite often, to be honest. In order to straighten and avoid this kind of situation, you can do several things. In this article, I will give you some ideas on how to increase your creative energy in the office, and to make it more bearable. Ready? Read on!

One of the best ways to set your wheels going is to invest and improve light source in your office. Regardless if you are in a home situated office or in a classic one, you need to invest and introduce light into your working space. A huge windows or a skylight are great ways to let the light in. Tight, gloomy offices can’t inspire anyone, for that darkness eventually suffocates all the joy within your co-workers, so their results, productivity and creativity as well will go down.

Creativity room
This suggestion is especially effective in large corporations, where there are many employees. It is wasteful not to hear ideas of your co-workers, and in order to encourage and boost their creativity processes, choose a room, and fill it with cosy and informal furniture. Coffee kitchen can be taken into consideration, and this would be place where people would sit back, take a break, and relax. You could take step forward, and set a rule that whatever is said in that room will stay there. Your associates will be tight at the beginning, but with time, they will go out with their ideas, suggestions and criticisms. You must never use what they say to you against them, and if you break this rule for once, all the effort will be nulled.

Nowadays, most of the offices are painted in vivid bright colours. Not those who can disturb you, or distract, but simply to keep you awake and focused. Orange, green and blue, along with white and red are great ones to have, so that walls will be a part of creativity-triggering system, rather than simple paint. Also, if there is only one colour on the walls, it makes mind closed, and this is something you wish to avoid. Speaking of walls, remember those separators between desks? This white area in front of me was something most dreadful for me, while I was working at the office. Replace those with blurred glass for example, makes things much easier for workers. Seeing the contours of other human being behind, reminds them that there are other people too, and staying in such area won’t be stressful anymore.

More than fashion detail, quality furniture is an investment into the health and wellbeing of your workers. If the chair is uncomfortable, or the desk is too low or too high, it is natural that people using it will feel uncomfortable. Also, prolonged periods of sitting in an inadequate position may lead to cramps, stopping of the blood flow and other health issues.  Commercial furniture needs to be comfortable andsupportive, and yet, not too cozy, for it will distract workers from actual work. Proper back support and arm rests are essential, in order to lean back sometimes and take rest. Desk should be at proper height, and for the material, it should be durable, made of wood, or any other material which is resilient to scratches. Glass is also good advice, for it is transparent, and will ensure that your workers are not staring at one point for some time.

It is obvious; too much noise will distract you, while utter silence will be painful sometimes. The best thing to do is to make a compromise. There are many neutral noises you could play, in order to lift up the spirits. If your office is disturbingly silent, you can find many recordings online, which will stimulate surroundings in a coffee shop, for example. This is said to boost up the creativity, for the feeling of something happening around you will set your brain going. On the other hand, if you feel often distracted, ask at a team meeting that employees should be more silent, or that space should be organized in a different manner, so that noise is stopped.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, it would be the best to use these tips as a foundation of your company. If they are effective, your creativity will come up, and you will find out by yourself what you should improve and boost up.

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