Mar 10, 2015

First Helicopter Replica

The replica of the first helicopter owned by Indonesia that applied to transport Indonesia first president, Ir. Soekarno, can be seen at Museum Angkut (the Transportation Museum –Batu Malang, East Java). The president’s helicopter ride for the first time was on January 15, 1951.   
 Now, the original of this helicopter Hiller 360 made in USA is becoming a part of the collection at the Air Force Aerospace Center Mandala Yogyakarta. 

3 komentar:

Gattina March 10, 2015  

It looks a bit small !

thomas March 11, 2015  

looks like a real one.

Anonymous March 11, 2015  

That is a small one! Nice that it's in a museum for everyone to see.

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