Mar 13, 2015

Sky Watch: above the Mall

 My second shot of this unique mall’s peak.
Located in Depok city (West java, Indonesia), Margo City has interesting tapered structure on the top. This structure can be seen from far away.

9 komentar:

Penelope Potty Snooper March 13, 2015  

Very interesting mall indeed!

Anonymous March 13, 2015  

A unique roof and nice shot!

Ileana March 13, 2015  

Very interesting roof!

Indrani March 13, 2015  

Amazing architecture! What a design.

**Lih** March 13, 2015  

Olá! Belo céu! Estrutura interessante do shopping.

Leovi March 13, 2015  

Yes, I really like the artistic building !! Great photo!

fredamans March 14, 2015  

Interesting design!

Spare Parts and Pics March 14, 2015  

Great photo for Skywatch Friday!!

Mas Donda March 15, 2015  

Very nice building stucture. Awesome !!!

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