Mar 7, 2015

The Latest Celebrity Haircuts

One thing you can say about Hollywood is that it never truly stays the same. Celebrities need to keep things looking new and fresh, and one way to do this is with the aid of a new cut. You can see many of these celebrities walking through Beverly Hills and just checking out everything there is to offer. 

Punky Pixie Cut

Lily Collins
Lily Collins showed off a new cut at several different after parties following the Oscars. This pixie cut is a bit longer than the traditional pixie, but it uses creative layering and texture to take the pixie to an entirely new level. If you have been wanting to check out a pixie cut but don't want it super short, this is a great cut for you. It is also a quality cut for professional women who want to keep their hair short but also want a different, unique take on it. 

Zendaya also took to the pixie cut, although hers is cut much closer to the head and not as flared out. This is a great cut for more circular faces as it goes well with the curve of the head. Plus, the slight texture of the bangs on the front really works beautifully with any hair type.

Choppy Pixie
Rita Ora-image:

As you can see, shorter is in right now, and Rita Ora decided to show off her new cut, which is more of a choppy pixie look. The back of the hairstyle is shorter yet choppy while there are longer strands that come out towards the front. There are different layers of the hair throughout the entire cut, which keeps it interesting and makes it easier to direct attention to specific areas of the face (such as a longer cut of hair putting towards an eye. The majority of the bangs finish slightly above the eye level, but there are different strands that are slightly longer and shorter. This is a great mixture of edge and sex appeal for anyone feeling a bit experimental.

The Shoulder Grazer

Nicole Kidman has traditionally sported long hair that would hang down to the middle of her back if not longer. However, Nicole Kidman has been sporting a more traditional, clean cut that comes right down to her shoulders. Think almost the Monica from Friends in the 90s, only less body and a part along the side so the longer side of the hair can cover part of the face and add some mystery to it. This is perfect for a professional look that still works great for date night was do most celebrity hair styles in Beverly Hills. This way you will look really pretty and be just like one of your favorite celebrities.

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