Dec 23, 2014

Plus Size Women Should Check These Things while Buying Lingerie to Look & Feel Confident

The culture of today’s society dictates what’s in and what’s not. Today’s trend seem to tell us that only those with size 0 are sexy. As a matter of fact, and there are many men who believe so, plus size women are sexier. Although lingerie advertisements more often show petite sizes, there is a surplus of lingerie types plus size women can choose from, and they are guaranteed to make you look very sexy.

In choosing which to buy, there are four things you need to keep in mind.

Take Your Measurements
As pointed out earlier, commercials convince you that the more petite you are, the more attractive you are. As a consequence, most ladies feel better when they fit into a size smaller than what they previously wore. This puts pressure on many girls to buy without actually measuring their body, and assuming, if not hoping, that they would fit.

First and foremost, you are sexy no matter what your size is. What matters is how you feel inside. If you feel sexy, then you most certainly are sexy.

So, especially in buying plus size lingerie online, take your measurements first. Remember that a perfect fit lingerie brings out the sexiest effect. If you squeeze in a smaller size thinking that you will look slimmer, you will actually look otherwise, especially in a fishnet.

Choose Which Style Works Best for You
Common sense tends to dictate that a lingerie’s purpose is to just expose your body. As a matter of fact, some girls wear cute lingerie that do not expose too much. What matters most are support and comfort. Do not wear lingerie that you don’t find comfortable. Some girls fail in pulling off a sexy look because they sacrifice their comfort over a fishnet or leather type lingerie.

Take your time in deciding so you can choose well. Do not limit yourself, though. You can always experiment to find out which suits you best.

Pick the Fitting Fabric
There is a wide range of plus size lingerie you can find easily: silk, satin, leather, lace, fishnet, mesh, etc. Silk and satin are most appropriate for formal events. They pull off an elegant, sophisticated, and at the same time, sexy look. If comfort is your priority, and you plan to use it daily, choose cotton. If you’re on the wild style side, you can play with fishnet or leather. At the end of the day, your preference should direct you.

You can look for a wide variety of options online. Examples of lingerie available are “white mesh and lace V-neck”, “lace teddy”, “bridal darling costume”, and the list goes on forever.

Get the Right Color
Many people say that black is the safest choice in choosing a sexy lingerie. But do not let that box you in. It is important to note that daring colors like red are best for intimate, romantic, and sexy settings. For formal occasions, white and pastel colors are more appropriate.

On the other hand, remember that you have the liberty to play with colors. You, of all people, know best which color complements your complexion and eye, or hair, color.

Above all of these things, what you need to keep in mind is that confidence is the greatest key in pulling off a sexy look. You will look confident and sexy only after you do feel confident. Believe that you are beautiful because you really are, and then follow this article’s useful tips. Good luck on your search for the perfect lingerie!

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