Dec 5, 2014

Shopping Jewelry at Lamido Marketplace

Although the mentioned statistics are below other Asian countries, the potency of online shopping in Indonesia is still huge. Currently, there are approximately 70 million active internet users in Indonesia, but the amount of frequent online buyers is just about 20 million. The left 50 million market potency still can be further developed.  This fact encourages the emergence of many new e-commerce players to penetrate Indonesia online market like C2C-based that launched since September 2013.

The above figures haven’t yet described the composition of Indonesia online shoppers by gender.  Different with the case in the USA, it is already known that women are the major buyers; millions of women in the USA go shopping online each day. Are Indonesia women also the main online shoppers here? Since online shopping is much preferred nowadays and shopping activity can’t be separated from the life style of most women, most probably this is also true in Indonesia.
Kategori Perhiasan di Lamido
Why there are increasing amount of women who prefer to choose going online to obtain their needs nowadays?  For those female buyers, online shopping is chosen as this alternative shopping way allows them to gain some added benefits such as easiness, fastness, safety, comfort, cost saving, descriptive products, and the ability to make informed buying decision.  Before making any purchase, it is important for smart female buyers to know first the product details like specific product descriptions, reviews, and images. 

Dealing with reliable e-commerce sites is a must as only those can fulfill your needs. What is more, online shopping is communicative; most online stores keep good communication and relationship with their customers by regular mails and newsletters. It’s also the main reason to shop online since many female customers like to be informed by merchants regularly.    

Let’s say that you’re looking for a special gift for a close female friend now. You think of giving her a wonderful jewelry item. Why don’t you try to look for it at a C2C-based e-commerce site? This sort of e-commerce offers a platform where individuals can buy and sell their stuffs. You may find a unique item that not available in other stores!

To obtain maximal benefits when buying or selling online, you should choose a trusted marketplace site. In this case, Lamido that owned by Rocket Internet –one of the worldwide largest online startup incubators- can be the right solution for performing trouble-free, protected and successful online transactions. Whether you as a buyer or seller, you’ll enjoy mutual advantages.

Visit Lamido Marketplace to have your own transaction online experience and benefit from their user-friendly platform, wide range of products, useful features, and secured payment method. I have seen some of their jewelry collection in the jewelry and watch category -from bracelets, necklaces, rings to earrings. Each is a beauty; I’m sure that you’ll find ones that you love. 

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