Dec 10, 2014

How to Choose the Right Hostel

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Tips on choosing a hostel need to be known by adventurers, travelers and back packers because they are more familiar with this type of accommodation. For those who want to travel but in a limited budget, this hostel-type accommodation could be an alternative option as this accommodation is considered to be cheaper than staying at the hotel.

Increasing number of people who travel in the long term makes hostel is never devoid of back packer visits. Prices are cheaper than hotels, as the consequence, among other things, the facilities provided are not as good if you stay at the hotel. However, choosing to stay in a hostel does not mean you can’t enjoy the trip. If you are careful in choosing and finding out important information related to the hostel, your trip will still be fun.
Well, do you want to try to stay in a hostel? Here are some of Things You Need to Look for in Choosing Hostel:

Don’t just select the cheapest rate, which is more important is to compare the price with the facilities offered.

If breakfast is the important meal time for you, check whether the hostel provides a free breakfast or not, the provided menu, as well as the time span of the hostel to offer breakfast. If the breakfast time in a hostel doesn’t suit your schedule, you may be able to find another hostel.

-Check out time
The check out schedule may affect your travel plans. Avoid hostel that implements the check out before 10am. Check out time at 11:00 to 12:00 noon is ideal.

-Free locker facility
For a hostel that offers dorm or pod, lockers become important things that you should consider. In contrast to the private room type, a hostel with dorm type and pod (one room together) makes you are with strangers in the same room. For security reasons, personal locked locker facility is needed to store valuables when you go out to leave the hostel.

Hostel location that should be considered: close to public transport or close to the crowd. Close to public transportation allows you to save energy and costs during the trip. It would be better if the environment hostel close to the crowd, but it still feels good.

Photographs of hostels that you see in the internet can help in assessing the hostel environment. To find out more, you should also read the reviews of hostels from previous visitors. If you read the comment columns, the most frequent complaint problem is the cleanliness issue. So, make sure you choose a hostel that kept clean.

If you want to try to stay in a hostel dorm for the first time, there are some ethical tips that need to be considered:

-Maintaining the privacy of others
Despite being in a room, not all guests want to get to know each other close. You must be hospitable, but note who is open to you and who don’t want to be disturbed.
-Maintaining cleanliness
Some hostels don’t allow guests to bring food or drinks into the room. The existence of this rule is because guests are often careless in maintaining cleanliness.
-Avoid making loud noise
Keep your voice at night in the room. If you want to talk on the phone or want to chat with friends, preferably out of the room to talk in the lobby or terrace hostel.
-Turn off lights
When bedtime arrives (about 10-11 pm), someone will turn off the main light in the room. If you still don’t want to sleep, you can use a reading lamp that usually installed in each bed. When you have to get up early in the morning while the others are still asleep, just use a flashlight or other tools such as head lamp lights.

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