Dec 18, 2014

Skies above IPSC

IPSC is Indonesia Peace and Security Center, an area where seven institutions unite: Standby Force, Terrorism National Institution, Disaster Management Institution, Indonesia Defense University, National Language Center, Peacekeeping Mission Center, and Sport Committee of the National Military.

The area located on Merah Putih Hill, Sentul Bogor, West Java. Last week was my first time to pass through the hill.  

I captured some shots for Sky Watch Friday


10 komentar:

Joyful December 19, 2014  

Beautiful skies and there is a wonderful view from the top of that mountain. Have a lovely weekend.

Aimz December 19, 2014  

very nice photos!

Spare Parts and Pics December 19, 2014  

Beautiful skies. I especially like the dramatic sky in the last photo!

Leovi December 19, 2014  

Yes, wonderful pictures, stunning skies, beautiful place!

Thomas Lee/Lee Lip Pang December 19, 2014  

Fencing looks nice so is the sky.

Jan K. alias Afanja December 19, 2014  

Great shots of that dramatic sky. The last photo is my favourite. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous December 19, 2014  

Lovely skies!

fredamans December 20, 2014  

That last one looks like the meet of good and evil, storm and calm.... Great shots!

Existe Sempre Um Lugar December 20, 2014  

Bom dia, as fotos são perfeita adequadas à fotorreportagem.
Votos de um bom e feliz Natal.

Unknown December 22, 2014  

Great shots of some dramatic clouds..I like that last one.

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