Sep 21, 2010

A Man-Power Carousel

Perhaps this game looks like a carousel; but for me, it’s a more terrifying version. It doesn’t use any machine to make it rotates and people sitting on it moving in a circle- up and down. I can see more than five men were running, pulling and then releasing the carousel for a while to rotate by itself. For each round of the game (about 15 minutes); they do these series of actions several times.

It’s my first time seeing this, so, I was amazed to watch all these men’s actions. I think it’s quite dangerous; but it seems that they have already known what to do to avoid getting injured. They can be dragged to the ground, lifted up from the ground, thrown outside the carousel and sometimes they must jump down so high onto the ground. It’s almost similar with seeing acrobatics at the circus!
It’s a pity that I was too stunned to capture all their actions well. I saw this game when it was held (last week) in a field around the Petuguran Dam (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia); during my vacation to visit my FIL there.

6 komentar:

Junneth September 22, 2010  

Wow! It must be a fun adventure riding this!

Female Stuffs September 22, 2010  

I really don't have guts to join this human carousel whatsoever. I'd rather watching LoL

achmad taher September 22, 2010  

Initially this entertainment just for kids. because of its position so dangerous then their parents to be involved also. In my village this game called kemedi puter. I myself have never climbed.

Agenda ibu rumah tangga September 23, 2010  

Wow...what an amazing energy!! I couldn't believe it that they can maintain enduring the weight of a carousel ?? :)

Goyang Karawang September 23, 2010  

kalo d karawang namanya Ombak Banyu hiburan rakyat yang murah meriah :)

Tembang Lawas September 24, 2010  

podo mas goyang, di tempat di daerah klaten namanya omBak banyu, biasa ada di pasar malam setiap bulan ramadhan hehehe tiketnya 5 ribu rupiah :D

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