Sep 24, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You (3)

7. Situation: You are in the middle of a time-consuming e-mail exchange or chatting. How to end it?

When the pings back and forth have gone to one word that means the conversation is over. If you’re receiving too lots of e-mails, it might mean that you’re also sending too many.

If it’s a good friend, tell her it’s been great conversation but you have to go. If it’s a client who is a friend, tell her you have to get back to work but would love to catch up when you see her next.

8. Situation: You ‘Google’ someone (use google to search information about someone) and it’s about time to meet for the first time. Is it awkward to mention what you have learned about her?

If you can praise someone on an award or a promotion, it explains you’ve done your homework. But bringing up personal information could be impolite.

Ask yourself : what you would feel comfy with someone knowing about you. Good news, such as a marriage, is generally allrigt, but be sure the information is up-to-date―within the last six months―and related to the conversation. And if you really had to dig to get the information, you might not want to mention it.

9. Situation : Are emoticons suitable to apply in office e-mails?

You can use emoticons, when it’s used carefully and with judgment. Apply them to soften the blow with coworkers when making a strong suggestion or a correction and things need to be lightened up.

In business, though, use them only with people you know well and never in a first approach.

If the other person is using them, go ahead. Unless you know the person well, it’s best not to be the first.
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

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Yen September 25, 2010  

love the post, very helpful and informative.I think using emoticons for business is ok, but you just have to choose the emoticons to send.

Anonymous September 27, 2010  

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