Sep 14, 2010

Mass Transportation

In my country, Indonesia, it’s actually not common views in big cities. But if you are entering the small cities and rural areas; sometimes, you can see this - especially during holiday season. Trucks were used to bring lots of people; of course, it’s not a safe and comfortable ride. They were under the sun and exposed by the wind straightly. But it seemed that it’s not a big problem for them.
I’m still in my FIL’s house right now. We plan to go back home tomorrow. Hope my journey back home is going well. I really hope that there’s no traffic jam anymore!

4 komentar:

Fanda September 14, 2010  

Well...that's definitely Indonesia during Idul Fitri...

fickleinpink September 14, 2010  

only in Asia...

xoxo, fickle
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@nemonen September 14, 2010  

Thanks for sharing this,interesting to read and learn, and so suitable for RT. Have a nice day.

Auntie E September 14, 2010  

well they are getting around and along it looks like.
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