Sep 15, 2010

Nostalgia: Grandfather’s House

On my previous Nostalgia post; I was talking about the grandfather’s house-on my mother’s side- that doesn’t exist anymore. Not similar to it; the grandfather’s house-on my father’s side- still looks beautiful until now. My two aunties can stay there to look after the house.

When my grandfather and grandmother were still alive, at least once a year, especially during Eid ul-Fitr vacation, the whole big family would gather together. I’m so happy, on this year Eid ul-Fitr vacation, we can visit the house. The first pictures were captured about 20 years ago (sorry for the blurry) and the second one was captured last Saturday.


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Chubskulit Rose September 16, 2010  

Wow, isn't it nice that the old house still exist and is in great condition. I bet you love going back and forth there.

Goyang Karawang September 17, 2010  

senangnya lebaran berkumpul di rumah kakek ya mbak :)

Mel_Cole September 18, 2010  

Wow, ang ganda nang ancestral house mo Lina. It looks like a mansion.

My nostalgia Lina is in my Heart's content of a Mama website.

eden September 18, 2010  

Beautiful house and I love the garden. It surely hold lots of memories.

Blogger September 20, 2010  

That is a very nice house to remember. Happy eid mubarak :)

kimmy September 20, 2010  

it's simply beautiful. it looks as if it had gone through a lot of happy and sad days but still stands proud and impressive. nice post!

julicavero September 20, 2010  

biasanya sih karena dirawat makanya begitu...rumah kalo ga dirawat ya cuma bebrapa thn krn dirawat jadinya betah jg

Anonymous September 20, 2010  

Привет всем! Форум просто супер =)

Mommy Mayonnaise September 21, 2010  

I looveee old pictures. Don't bother about the blur, it makes the picture looks better and antique :)

Anonymous November 07, 2010  

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