Sep 1, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You

In this modern world; many people use gadgets here and there. Sometimes, it can bring us to the situation that makes us awkward – don’t know what we should do. Katie McElveen has compiled the tech etiquette; it can be your solution. Check it out!

1. Situation: Accidentally, you meet someone you know while listening to your iPod. Do you should remove both earbuds to talk to her?

If you’re having more than a two-minute conversation with her, both earbuds (and your Bluetooth earpiece) need to remove―whether you turn off the device or not. Other people want to know that the person they’re talking to is really paying attention to them.

Etiquette is all about making the other person more comfortable. Imagine this. How comfortable could your friend be trying to talk to you when you’ve got something in your ears?

2. Situation: Is it impolite to check your PDA while you are visiting a friend’s house?

It can be a little rude. But if you give explanation that you need to check a few e-mails before so you can give her your full attention, she will probably understand. If you don’t give any explanation and you’re busy reading your e-mails, you will send the message that you’re bored.

3. Situation: How fast must you answer an e-mail? Are the standards dissimilar for work e-mails versus personal e-mails?

Not responding quickly―within hours and certainly by the end of the day―to any e-mail might make the other side feel as though she’s being ignored. It’s important to respond on time to business e-mails because that is professional and courteous. You may use your out-of-office assistant or automatic-response setting to let people know why they might not be hearing from you as quickly as they’re used to. So, the earlier you can respond properly, the better.
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

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Mommy Liz September 01, 2010  

I am not into gadgets coz I don't have the patience to learn, hehehe!

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