Sep 1, 2010

The Tech Etiquette for You (2)

4. Situation: If someone calls you by phone, can you e-mail the person back or send a text message? What if you text or e-mail someone and the person calls you back?

You should think about the best way to answer. If someone contacted you by phone to ask about directions somewhere; you can reply via e-mail, so you can send along a map to him.

You send a text message because you don’t feel like to talk; but the person calls back. Well, it’s better if you don’t answer. If you do answer, the other person will sense your bad mood right away and might get upset. Just text back to inform that you can’t talk now but will call later. Your friend will understand your reason.

5. Situation:Is it sneaky to use BCC (blind carbon copy) on an e-mail?

That’s right. It can also be dangerous, because your BCC can be exposed if the blind recipient hits Reply All or forwards the e-mail to someone else. To protect yourself from this, forward the message separately with an explanation.

On the other side, BCC can be also useful. If you feel that an e-mail discussion you had could become a larger issue, you could BCC your boss to make her/him aware of the situation. Just don’t flood your boss with copies of every e-mail you send.

6. Situation: Is it allright to talk on your cell phone when you’re ordering food, getting your hair, and any other activity?

Totally no. It’s impolite to talk on the phone when you’re relating with other person. Don’t overlook the people around you; they can hear your private conversation. You should treat everyone with common respect. Don’t do it!
Illustration by Ross MacDonald/Photograph by Kang Kim

7 komentar:

MinnieRunner September 01, 2010  

For number 6, I think so too. You can at least tell the person on the line that you'll call back for you have to talk to someone else first.

Fanda September 01, 2010  

I just realize about number 5. Luckily, I've never use BCC for confidential issues.

Eden September 01, 2010  

Thanks for these tips Lina. Situation 6, I agree with you and Minnie. That is what I always do tell the caller that I'll call back.

Goyang Karawang September 01, 2010  

mantap nih mba.. perlu diterapkan sepertinya

Unknown September 02, 2010  

makasih mbak
aby sering ni di situasi kayak gini

Yen September 02, 2010  

I'm no good in giving instruction for direction of places. Really. :-(

Anonymous September 02, 2010  
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