Sep 3, 2010

Sky Watch: Hanging Facing the Sky

Facing the bright sky, those three insects were hanging on the almost invisible string that attach to a little tree branch. Is it mosquitoes or a kind of dragonflies?

Sky Watch Friday

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Gigi Ann September 03, 2010  

What a fun little pictures of the bugs. Very unique.

Chubskulit Rose September 03, 2010  

Beautiful capture Lina! Join us again in Nostalgia today.

My Skywatch

paul September 03, 2010  

I love shooting crane flies on windows, but have never had more than one in a frame. This is a great image!

(Crane flies are neither dragonflies nor mosquitoes, they do no harm.)

Sylvia K September 03, 2010  

Great capture, Lina! And what a lovely sky for a backdrop! Happy SWF! Hope you have wonderful weekend!


eden September 03, 2010  

Wow.. love this, Lina! Great capture.

Wanda September 03, 2010  

You photo is so lovely, I won't go looking for the fly swatter, or bug spray.... I'll just stay a while and gaze at your beautiful photo.

jo September 03, 2010  

hi. i think they are big mosquitoes. i see a lot of them in our house especially sa mga dark corners.

Verna Luga September 03, 2010  

wow Lina and you have the patience to take a shot on them .. wow, I think they're mosquitoes..

Hope you can drop by

Mel_Cole September 03, 2010  

Oh that is really a cool shot even though their itchy mosquitoes. Have a good one!

eileeninmd September 03, 2010  

Beautiful image, hard to believe mosquitoes would be pretty. Great capture! Happy skywatching.

Slugyard September 03, 2010  

They are crane flies. As a commenter said above- they are completely harmless, except some kinds eat your lawn when they are larvae. Nice shot!

Dhemz September 04, 2010  


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