Sep 3, 2010

Nostalgia: At Grandfather’s House

It’s my late entry. Actually, I’m a little upset right now; as I still can’t find my personal photo albums. I remember that I’ve compiled several of them in one separate place; but I can’t remember where I kept it. Sigh.

This time I share old photos again. I guess it was captured in 1977. When my grandfather -on my mother’s side- was still alive, at least once a year, the whole big family would gather together. It was included all his grandchildren!

Unfortunately, the house doesn’t exist anymore. As there’s no one can stay to take care of it; the house was sold. The buyer destroyed and changed it into a car repair shop. These photos are my only memories to the house.


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Chubskulit Rose September 03, 2010  

You might have lost the house but the memory is still alive through your photos. Thanks for joining Lina.

Agenda ibu rumah tangga September 03, 2010  

I hope that you'll find your photo album soon.. :) And share the pictures here.. :)

fathoni September 03, 2010  

big happy family ....
but unfortunately his house just a distant memory in the photo ....

admin September 03, 2010  


sweet memoris.........

Rossel September 03, 2010  

those are very nostalgic photos. i admire for keeping those photos until now. hope you can see your personal album soon.

Ana Cristina September 03, 2010  

Good memories last forever...

Eden September 03, 2010  

Wonderful photos and sweet memories.

Mommy Liz September 03, 2010  

wow! 1977 picture, that was great. well, there are times that you would have to get rid of something so precious because no one can take care of it. at least you have a picture to remind you of how your life was way back then.

Unknown September 04, 2010  

Wah jadi inget rumah kakek nenekku dulu sist, dimana aku tumbuh besar dalam asuhan nenekku.. Banyakbanget kenangan disana, sayag banget rumah tupun sudah dijual, dan sudah berubah penampakkannya.. :)

Dhemz September 04, 2010  

oh how sad...but at least you have the photos that helps you remind your grandpa's house...thanks for sharing Lina...mine was here:

Goyang Karawang September 04, 2010  

hmm keren fotonya.. klasik
wah saya juga perlu ngumpulin foto2 kakek nenek saya nih :)

Cens World September 04, 2010  

I remember the old house of my relatives back 1970s'. It is so refreshing to get back to the memory lane. Very nice.

I am new here, and I am also one of your follower from now on.

jo September 05, 2010  

i remember my sister-in-law lamenting one day, said, it makes her cry everytime she passes by their old place. i guess you feel the same?

Anonymous September 05, 2010  
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Anonymous September 05, 2010  
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Yen September 05, 2010  

It's always good to reminisce old days, You can always post the pictures when you get to see them again:-) I'll keep me posted here

Anonymous September 06, 2010  
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mixedfresh September 06, 2010  

semoga foto2nya bisa ditemukan lagi ya mbak, banyak memori sayang banget kalo sampai ga ada

kimmy September 06, 2010  

those were really nice photos. it makes me wish we also had a camera way back then. the house looked very comfortable and the furniture were very nice. too bad it had to be torn down..

Anonymous December 09, 2010  

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