Oct 14, 2020

What is the procedure to send a divorce notice to your partner ?


The divorce has become the final decision for most of the couples after they understood while living during the lockdown. The decision to take divorce starts with serving divorce papers. The first step of getting a divorce is the most difficult and hence you need proper help so that you don’t make any mistake.

If you are ready to get a divorce in Long Beach then there are a few things that should be kept in mind. This list will let you know about each thing in detail within the sequence.

Prepare for paperwork

The legal paperwork for the divorce is the most basic and crucial part of getting a divorce. It should be done with care, if you are someone who is taking care of these things for the first time then it is better to consult with a family law attorneys Long Beach. The lawyer is a better person to understand your position and give you the right advice.

The paperwork for divorce cases generally known as the petition or the summons to be given to the spouse. If you don’t know the purpose of paperwork then you need to keep in mind that paperwork is the first thing that will let your spouse know that the divorce is in the process.

The basic responsibility is of the person who is getting a divorce to let the other party know. If you don’t go through with the paperwork then it might be possible that your case may get force or you might get in legal troubles.

Keep evidence

Whatever the paperwork or any other kind of documentation is done during that process each document should be held by you as evidence. The document must be kept as original or photocopy. Although some of the important documents should be kept as originals such as the divorce filing documentations and the receipts.

Why the proofs?

If you think that why do you need the proof to be kept as evidence now and then. Then understand that you will require the documents in further proceedings. The court will ask you to present the proof that when you sent someone to your spouse and your spouse got it.

Who can deliver the papers?

Why are you delivering the papers to your spouse? There are various people who can do this task. You need to understand that while performing this procedure you have to delegate the responsibility to our trusted person. If the person does not complete the task on time then the court proceeding may start and you will not be able to present the proof of delivery of the petition.

If you are getting the petition delivered through a person then this is known as personal service or instead, you can do the procedure through online platforms also. The various services that can be used in place of personal service are:

Submissions through mail service: it means you are sending the petition through the mail and it becomes very easy when you choose this method of communication.
Service by a substitute: sometimes it is possible that you don’t get the person to whom the petition has to be submitted. In that case, you can submit the petition to the closest person in the household so that the time does not get wasted. You can do this attempt only when you have submitted and did not receive any response for three attempts.
post office service: A post office can help you out to send a mail and let the other party know through the post. There can be reasons when the poster comes undelivered in that case you need to take different services.

Contact your divorce lawyer in Long Beach

While for most of the people who are beginning with their divorce case it is the first and foremost thing to contact with divorce attorneys in Long Beach. But for those who don’t want to do that can start the initial process and then consult with a divorce lawyer. Keeping in mind that you may commit some mistakes even at the initial process that may lead to problems for your case.


Every time it is commended that you consult with a lawyer before initiating the process so that further proceedings become easy. You will come to know about different options and difficulties that are already there in your case. A legal view is important for any divorce case to be completed smoothly. I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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